John and Papa Johnny Johnny's special sauce, known as "The Original Papa Johnny's Barbeque Sauce", became so popular with friends that he created a label and produces it commercially.

The sauce was born in the early 1980's when Johnny's father, John, began cooking Boston Butts in their backyard every week. He shared the meat and sauce with family, neighbors and employees at John's shop. Friends would gather to eat barbeque sandwiches every week.

A few years later, with the support of Johnny’s mother, Joy, the family opened Mitchell’s Barbeque and Seafood Restaurant.
It was at that time that the now famous sauce recipe was used, tested and adjusted for taste. It was served in their restaurant for six years (from 1986-1992). The Mitchell’s decided to retire from the restaurant business, but continue sharing great meals with friends and family.

Johnny continued making the sauce over the years, until the demand from friends, family and business associates became too large for Johnny and wife Kristy's home kitchen.

This delicious sauce was named by the Mitchell's daughters, Carson and Claire. "The Original Papa Johnny's Barbeque Sauce" was born because everyone deserves a good barbeque sauce. "It's Mighty Tasty."


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Your original sauce was brought to a Navy Reunion in May. We were lucky to get a bottle. I would love to order a few bottles." Beverly A.